Case Study

Project Overview

An internationally renowned non-profit organization needed to build a multi-faceted digital video production facility capable of producing electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) footage from remote locations worldwide. The client also wanted to create in-house shows in a multi-camera studio environment, produce frequent video news releases (VNRs), produce DVDs for distribution and stream video clips to their web site.

The Challenge

Due to tightly disciplined budgeting, there was a desire to integrate as much of the legacy analog technology into the new workspace, and yet provide a clear path to a fully digital facility. In this way the client would recoup their earlier equipment investments, plus still be able to digitize analog content. The other challenge was educating the client on the new technologies on the market, and distilling down seemingly disparate goals into a cohesive RFP that they could distribute to interested vendors.

The Approach

tps brought together senior management, producers and directors and asked insightful questions about what the organization needed to accomplish with its new facility. The group quickly realized they needed to bring in the IT and Graphics department managers in the decision-making sessions, since any new subsystems would have a ripple effect throughout the organization.

We first conducted rigorous needs analyses and steered group discussions to arrive at the most critical needs, which were recorded and disseminated to all parties. Once senior management approved these must-haves, we wrote a system specification and RFP that was sent out to systems integrators.

As the bidding process unfolded, tps went to work creating standard operational procedures for the new operations center.

The Strategy

The tps team developed detailed workflows to achieve maximum production capability and minimize human error. Costly new construction was avoided by working closely with the facility architect and repurposing a suitable existing space. We also interfaced with the chosen integration team to complete the project on time.


The organization celebrated the launch of an efficient video production facility that could produce and output various media more quickly and accurately. The production crews were operationally ready from day 1, and they had the confidence to manage the new workstations. Senior management was happy with the job the systems integrator did, and the client’s end customers were well-served by the new technology.