What is Operational Readiness?

Posted by Murray Wilson Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:49:00 GMT

If operators find newly-built broadcast television systems unwieldy, and they are neither fully trained nor fully engaged from the project start, an investment in operational readiness was probably not made by the systems integrator or design or engineering teams. What is operational readiness? Why does a major new project need operational readiness? Is it critical to the success of the venture?

Exactly what is operational readiness?

To help each stakeholder be successful, tps offers a suite of operational readiness services that eases the transition from system build-out to live customers. Through operational analysis and workflow design, we help minimize costly network downtime penalties and potential overstaffing. Our work at the start of a project gets directly invested into our end-to-end operator training packages that incorporate product, signal flow and maintenance courses that give Operations staff the competency to take the reins.

tps conducts a phased approach to operational readiness. During the preliminary project design review phase our Operational Readiness Team brings together the systems integrator and engineering groups to discuss opportunities to optimize the efficiency of all subsystems. We also work with business stakeholders to make certain their goals will be met by the technology choices being made. If not, we identify the potential gaps during the design phase when changes can more economically be realized.

Our expertise and resolve become evident from the start. tps has the insight and experience to close the gaps between what the business requires and what technology is chosen to fulfill those requirements. And this experience spans across several television delivery methods, including satellite, terrestrial broadcast and telco fiber.

During this phase we also study proposed engineering concepts from an operator’s point of view to ensure maintenance engineers can more easily interact with the new systems. This detailed review and recommendation exercise leads to greater employee productivity and improved quality of service.

Detailed workflows are created during phase 2 after we interview the engineering design teams and compile all potential processes through the use of concept maps and other tools. Using standardized business process modeling, we produce logical and streamlined workflow diagrams that prepare operators to run the new systems. By referring to a visual workflow, each employee is able to see where and when they perform required tasks, and how each network group performs a sequence of events.

The tps team teaches individual job descriptions and associated duties created during our operational analysis and workflow design phases. This all-important training phase can be conducted in person or self-paced online.

There are 3 training categories that tps delivers on:

Signal Flow Training – teaching operators the end-to-end signal threads Operations Training – teaching operators how to perform their jobs as defined by the workflows Product Training – detailed instruction on hardware and software components Every operator needs all 3 facets of training or they will not be fully prepared to do their jobs. tps can create instructor-led courses as well as web-based modules that students can take at their own pace. All online courses have associated final exams that are graded electronically, with individual results rolled up into meaningful group management reports. Our services also include coordinating 3rd party vendor training to create a comprehensive training regimen.

Why does a major television project need operational readiness?

Investing in an operational readiness plan as an overlay to a major television delivery project returns the following benefits: Much more accurate staffing levels Less operator resistance and more buy-in at system handoff Less chance of over-purchasing equipment Reduction of project delays due to redesign of subsystem process flows Increased network uptime because operators are able to resolve alarms with less steps Is it critical to the success of the venture?

The tps operational readiness suite of services has been deployed by a number of leading broadcasters and DTH providers. In each case the outcome of the project scored higher marks because of our involvement. When launching an unprecedented system you want the right people around the table.

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